December 12 / 2020

Winter Event... Santa's Tower

Santa has arrived in Thunkgaria.  He brought with him some of his elves and some snowmen… but something is not right.  He is not his normal jolly self.  In fact, he seems quite evil.  Is this an imposter?

Thunk is asking for volunteers to adventure into the place that he has named “Santa’s Tower” to investigate.

Winter leaderboards will be announced over the next couple of days.

November 01 / 2020

Everything is Epic Event - (Holybread)

Back by popular demand… the original Holybread game is having Everything Epic Event #2

Many of you missed out on the first event and are begging for a return of the event.  Well, you got your wish. 

Hurry, because this event ends on November 12, 2020

October 25 / 2020

OPEN BETA LIVE!! (New Holybread code!)

Today I want to announce the OPEN BETA of the new Holybread code base.

Our team needs as many players as possible to login & play. We need to test server load.


We will be launching Season 1 very shortly.

We also are looking for players to help work on player’s guides…

Still to come for Season 1.

More story line (lore)
Achievements – to track your PvE progress
Player – to – Player marketplace / skin store (NFT’s)
Recruit Hero’s in Tavern using Fame

September 01 / 2020

Holybread - Closed Beta Test Now Live

What is Next?
After this test with a hand picked few Beta Testers we will move to a larger Server and faster connection for the game & then will move into an OPEN Beta for everyone.

The purpose of the OPEN Beta will be load testing.

What can I expect?
If you are a current player not in the Beta, then you will not notice anything. You can continue to battle and climb the arena for larger rewards.

August 22 / 2020

Holybread - Season 1 in Alpha

Our new code base for Holybread that we are calling Season 1 has been deployed to a server and is entering the Alpha phase of testing tomorrow.

Alpha Phase
Our internal and remote teams and contractors will be invited to play the new Holybread Code base. We are testing for stability and identifying things we want to improve upon.

Beta Test
We are planning on opening the code base up to Beta Testing for our current players on 9/1/2020.
This will also be for functionality.
The goal here is to run the beta for 1 week and if all goes well deploy the code as Season 1

August 07 / 2020

Season 1 Sneak Peak

SEASON 1 Code / Beta Server

Our goal right now is to get a working Beta test server for Season 1 up ASAP!!!
We are shooting for just under 2 weeks from now.

We have gone back and forth on our design philosophy and goals during this process, we have finalized some of these decisions and things started to speed up.

One of the interesting things we have built is actual DUNGEON / MONSTER / ITEM creation software.
This lets us have designer’s / Lore personal etc.. (NON-CODERS) use the software to create content for the game.!!!!

July 26 / 2020

DKSArt is looking good!

This scene puts together some of DKSART individual pieces into one truly epic scene.

July 09 / 2020

Holybread - New Arena Rewards Now Out

It has been a long time coming, ever since breadcrumbs went the way of the dodo bird. players have been asking, “what do we earn for battling in the arena?”

Well 1st off you have to battle in the Arena to unlock your 2nd & 3rd Hero slots.

Today we managed to get the 1st version of our new Reward Bot up and running.
Here is what you will see on your posts.

Now I know you have many questions. I will answer a few here.

1) Will it only upvote posts? what about comments? I don’t post and I don’t want to.

A: Currently we only upvote posts. However we are working on having the Reward Bot upvote comments only on the Holybread account. Our goal is to NOT spam the blockchain with upvotes on comments. Instead we will do a weekly LEADERBOARD post talking about players climbing / falling etc…
If you comment on that post you will receive your upvote.

July 4 / 2020

Everything is epic event

(Set to music of Lego movie)

Everything is epic, everything is cool when you’re part of a team
Everything is epic, when you’re living out a dream…

In preparation for our skin event coming soon. This weekend all items that are discovered while questing will contain all 5 stats!
In the past this was reserved for epic items. So during this event all items are EPIC with all 5 stats.

Why would you do this?
This is madness…!!!!
The new development has lost their minds! 1st breadcrumbs are gone! Then the old awesome epic artwork is gone! Now everything is EPIC! WTF!

I agree this can be considered a little mad but hear me out…

June 16 / 2020

holybread is live on HIVE!!

When we acquired Holybread back on 5/22/2020 our 1st priority was to get the game off of STEEM and onto HIVE!

Today we can announce we have done it. You now need to login using either Hive-Keychain browser extension (Firefox / Chrome / Brave).  You can also play with Hivesigner if so desired.

This was achieved through many many hours of our team working towards this goal. We cleaned up a lot of code and rebuilt back-end systems to allow us to scale.

Now this week we can start uploading all the awesome art @dksart has been creating for us.

June 19 / 2020

DKSARt creating new art

New Artwork for launch on Hive
Wren is driving this with artwork produced by @dksart
This is actively being deployed. You should already see a new chest at the end of you Quests.

DKSART is also working on many other items for the Hive launch.  New art for weapons, armor, backgrounds and even a couple of new hero types

Head on over to his blog on HIVE to see all of the work he is doing.

June 07 / 2020

No Fee Marketplace week

Our next big event starts Tomorrow, it is a FEE FREE Marketplace week. For the week coming up we are removing the 10 cents per item & 30 cents per Hero fee.
Allowing players to keep more of the money their hero and items sale for we feel is a good thing.

We Completed 2 Events this week.
1st off was the breadcrumbs to bread exchange. This allowed us to move off of Steem-engine (SE) and the old reward system for players.
This is a big 1st step in our economy rework. More is coming soon

Our 2nd event just ended today and it was our Hero Recruit Drive. Introducing variable abilities for hero’s instead of static one’s. During this event hero’s spawned every hour for 48 hours.

May 31 / 2020

HOLYBREAD ROADMAP UPDATE - Eliminating breadcrumbs


We are currently allowing exchanges of 25,000 for 1 bread. This is to get ready for an upcoming event that will provide the largest influx of new hero’s (and updated Hero abilities) ever in the game.

I can’t talk much about it, but I can say new hero’s will be spawning every 1 hour so you want to have your bread ready.


This buyback event will only be from 5/30/2020 to 6/2/2020, and has to be processed manually by the team. Head over to our discord and the #breadcrumb-exchange channel for a team member to assist you.

What about my breadcrumbs over on Steem-Engine (SE) ????

When we acquired Holybread on 5/22/2020, we made the decision to stop supporting SE. The SE transfer button is now gone from the Holybread site. If you have breadcrumbs on SE, you need to transfer them to NULL (BURN THEM)…

MAy 28 / 2020

HolyBread Update - BUGS ! & New Artwork

Hey everyone !
Its been a few days since our Roadmap post (if you didn’t see it check it out here… ) and I want to check in with the community.


As part of our transparency and communication this is what is going on with our team this week:

  1. @buddy.nole has the test server up and running. The picture of today’s post is of his workstation (check out that keyboard)

  2. We fixed a large BUG ! For the last 6 – 8 weeks (we are not sure the exact timing) the recruit tab for buying new hero’s has not been updating. …

So new hero’s are spawning every 12 hours, if you haven’t logged in for a while now is a good time.

  1. We will be doing a breadcrumb to bread conversion/buyback for players that want it. This will be totally optional and is part of an upcoming event we are launching. More details on our next post.

  2. NEW ARTWORK is coming !!!!! Here is a sample.  @dksart is working the wren1221 on producing a complete new art set for HolyBread.
    I wanted to give you a sample here and encourage you to follow @dksart for updates as he works on this project. Also please stop by and upvote his posts…

May 24 / 2020

HolyBread Roadmap - New Developers

Quick summary to announce the topic and main points

paragraph one

Paragraph 2

MAy 22 / 2020

Holybread lives on!

This is @simplegame I would like to let you know, I have acquired Holybread and all its assests from @auminda. :slight_smile: Holybread is not dead ! I have currently myself and 2 other coders/developers going through the code and coming up with a road map. !! So feel free to play/trade etc.. Holybread is NOT closing down. I look forward to chatting with you in the gerneral discussion area and I will post a ROADMAP ASAP !!!

I know there have been many rumors that the game is dead or dying. These were just rumors! Due to the pervious devs love for the game and community they managed to keep things running until they could find a new team to take over.


I would like to introduce that new team to you now: