Thunk is a charactered first created on a Play-By-Post game on the Hive Keychain.  Thunkgaria is based upon that character and the companions he accumulated along the way.  Thunk is a very large barbarian with proportionality matching muscles, loyalty and kind-heartedness.  Unfortunately the same can not be said for his intelligence.  Thunk was well known for his enthusiastic “thunk” on the shoulder of a nearby companion when it took a defeating blow.   Regrettably this was often painful to his friends.   Thunk’s adventures allowed him to meet many companions and create incredible bonds, some short lived…literally, and others that remain in place even today.  

Quaid is played by @sidekickmatt, also known as Matt S. Law (IRL) who describes himself as “Actor, Artist, Gamer & Comic Guy”.  This Comic Strip section is provided by Matt and depicts the story of Thunk & his friends from start to present.

Our story begins with our adventurers hanging out in the local tavern.  Thunk, his dwarven friend Omar and their mage buddy Zargos went to the basement of the tavern for keg refills.  They were surprised by a band of goblins.

#1. Goblins discovered in the tavern basement

Quaid the archer and HappyMe, another mage joins in the battle.  Thunk celebrates the victory over the goblins with a few good “thunks”.

#2. You've been "thunked"

The adventurers have discovered a portal in the basement of the tavern where the goblins came from.  Outside the portal door is a shrine with a strange looking key.  The tavern owner explained a ritual that he has been performing twice daily to safeguard the portal door.  The ritual was given to him by Lord Darkcloak who is rumored to stay in the local church.  The group heads out toward the church to find answers.  The graveyard outside the church is a bit daunting…

I ain't afraid of no ghosts!
#3. I ain't afraid of no ghosts!