ELO : gaining ranking in the Battle Arena

Today I want to talk about how to climb in the battle arena.

When we 1st launched players were focused on Wins. The more wins you have the Higher your Fame. Fame allows you to recruit more heroes in the Tavern.

If you Arena team has no heroes in it, other players can challenge you and receive a free win. So quickly getting to 6 heroes to defend your Arena rank was important.

Now that we have released our next 4 week Arena reward payout structure. Players are fighting for the top spots.

Battle Arena Standings

Now players are asking how can Fox at 5th place have 985 Wins & 1st place Vokus only have 546 wins????
How is this possible?

Well we are using an ELO based ranking system. This type of rating system was 1st introduced for Chess tournaments. The 1st big competitive gaming tournaments to use it was Magic The Gathering back in the late 90’s. Since than it is used in most competitive on-line ladder rankings.

Without going into the math, he system takes in account the probability of each player winning a match. At the end of the match the winner gains a certain amount of ELO and the loser loses a certain amount of ELO.

The really important part is this. If the 1st ranked player fights the 100th ranked player. The probability of the 1st ranked player winning is very very high. So if the 1st ranked player wins they win a very very small amount of ELO from the 100th ranked player.

Since the odds of the 100th ranked player winning is very very low. IF they win the match they will take a Large amount of ELO from the 1st ranked player.

So if you want to win large amount of ELO and climb quickly you must defeat players close to your ELO or with a HIGHER ELO.
IF you want to “beat up” on lower ranked players you will accumulate a lot of wins (that helps your Fame) but will gain very very little and climb slowly.

You can read up on how different ELO systems work(just google it!) We use certain inputs to calculate our probabilities but we are not revealing those. (This is our normal policy on not sharing formulas to help reduce MIN/MAX players). We are monitoring how well our inputs work and will be adjusting them between Arena Seasons.

I hope this gives a better insight into how to climb the ranks of the battle arena in Thunkgaria.

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