Explaining Item Rarity in thunkgaria

Good day players!

It has been an exciting 1st week of exploring the world of Thunkgaria!
As players have been finding items for their team of Heroes. I want to give some more info on these items.

We currently have the following borders:

Background images for your Items

Most of the items you are finding are of the common value.
When you find a more rare version of an item, it has increased stats.

So if you find a common LvL 15 Long Sword and a Rare LvL 12 Long Sword odds are the LvL 12 Rare Long Sword will have better stats.

What is up with the Glow around my item????

If an item spawns with a blue glow around it. This means the item is magical.
Magical weapons currently will have the damage type of Fire or Ice (more to come in future seasons)
Magical Armor will have Resistances to one or all of the damage types Physical, Fire, Ice

Also some magical items will give xtra stats or HP’s.

What is that front border? The stackable one.

Stackable items are coming in Season 1. We are currently working on the code for them.
Some examples would be currencies, ammo, potions, lock-pick kits, etc…

I hope this helps you understand things a little better while you explore the world of Thunkgaria.

Stop by https://www.thunkgaria.com to keep update on Events, read through our upcoming Bestiary, check leaderboards and read about our world to help you decide which dungeons to explore.

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