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Thunkgaria is a free to play web based game.  A fantasy based dungeon crawl.  Your band of heroes will explore the land of Thunkgaria to discover treasures and help Thunk to reclaim the lands.  Simply create a login to get started.  If you would like to know a little more before you get going click to learn more.

Holy Bread

Holy Bread is a game on the HIVE Blockchain.  You will need to have a HIVE account to login to this game.  If you don’t already have a Hive account use the button below.

This is an idle based game, you won’t get killed while you are AFK.  You will quest for gold and items to build your heroes.  Use our marketplace to buy and sell items form other players.  Fight PVP in the arena to see who can best the other players. Top players are rewarded with upvotes inside the Hive Blockchain.


If you would like to know a little more before you get going click below to learn more.


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You will start with three basic heroes of your choice from the tavern.  You will need to prove yourself and gain fame to recruit more.  Thunkgaria allows you to have as many heroes as you want.  Go solo if you dare, but my advice is to use the max of 3.  You can also place 3 heroes in the arena, or if you think you’re tough enough go ahead and put in only one.  Idle recruits will sit by the campfire waiting their turn to have some fun.

You need to gain some fame before they will leave the comfort of the tavern to join you.  Complete more dungeons and/or fight in the arena to gain fame.

When defeated in a dungeon you will be carried back to camp.  All loot will be lost, but the items you are wearing will remain.

You may choose to leave a dungeon and return to camp at any time.  This is a good time to evaluate your items and store them for later.  

No. Equip your heroes with strategy.  The strongest sword may be useless against certain monsters.  Variety  may be the answer to that dungeon you can’t seem to finish.

Yes!  And you never know when you may encounter one.  Stories tell of young dragons hunting swamp creatures.  Many heroes have seen the shadow as one flies overhead.  Be careful out there!