Thunk has put the word out that he is looking for adventurers to explore and rediscover Thunkgaria.  Accepting this offer you are met upon arrival and as a new adventurer. Thunk has granted you 3 heroes and 1 Relic.  You are instructed to “Find the Tavern”.

Learn to use the Home Page

Thunkgaria Home Page
  • The Camp is where your heroes hang our, gear up and wait for orders.
  • The tavern is where heroes wait to be recruited while enjoying the local ale.
  • Only the Adventure Teams are allowed in the dungeons.
  • Build an Arena Team for PVP battles
  • To return to the home page click the word “Thunkgaria” in the upper left corner.
  • Your Fame and Relic count is at the top middle. You start with 1 Relic.
  • In game notifications will appear in this dropdown. If you see a red number click it.
  • Your profile image appears in the arena. Don’t forget to upload one.
Lets head to the tavern to get those three recruits Thunk granted to us…  (Click the Tavern)

Recruiting Your Heros

Thunk has granted you three heroes. You will soon learn that this was a very generous offer. Your fourth recruit will have to be earned with fame.  This is not an easy task as the only way to earn fame is to defend your position in the arena.  More about the arena later.

Head on over to the tavern.  There are many heroes sitting around the tavern waiting to join in the fun.  There are archers, bards, mages, barbarians and more.  Some have more experience than others. 

In this example Theodosia is a level 5 archer and Aristocypros is a level 1warrior.  Theo has 17 HP (Hit Points) as indicated on the red bar.  He also has 429 xp and is on his way to level 6 at 495 xp indicated on the blue bar.

Choosing heroes
Your new recruit at camp
Back side of hero card

When your recruit accepts your offer he shows up in your camp as a resting hero.   

We have already talked about the front of the hero card.  Click the card and it will flip to the back to give you more information.  Your hero stats; Intelligence, Strength, Dexterity, Constitution are shown.  Theo’s damage is ~5, (average of 5).  This is the damage done by the weapon he is yielding.  His speed to hit is 12 and his armor is 9.  Some items are magical and give Physical, Ice or Fire resistance.  Theo has none.

The “Move Hero” button lets you assign him to the Adventuring Team or the Arena.  The “Equipment” button will show you a quick glance of all of your items.  Click the “X” to close the back of the card and return to the front.

Hover over the hero name, in this case Theodosia, and it will underline.  Click it to reveal the nitty gritty details of your hero.  Again you see your hero stats.  Remember the ~5 damage was an average?  Here you see that his damage range is 4-9 with an average of 5 (~5).

Theo has a level 5 axe, no headgear, ring, trousers or footgear.  He does have a level 5 chainmail with 9 durability.  This chainmail makes his armor stat 9.  If he had on boots with durability of 5 his armor stat would increased to 14, (9+5=14).

Click on the axe & chainmail for more details.

Note that under the image of the chainmail is Theo’s proficiency.  Apparently he is pretty good with BOWS and maybe this axe is not the best weapon for him.  Keep that in mind when you find a nice bow while crawling through the dungeons.

Click outside of the box to close the Item Details.

Equipment Detail Card
Axe & Chainmail back side

The Camp

The camp holds tents for various tasks such as weapon and armor storage, hero deployment, achievement  boards.  New tents come and go with seasonal events and promotions. Remember you can always click “Thunkgaria” on the menu to get to the homepage.

Deployment Tent
Move Hero to a Team

Your recruits will be resting around the campfire until you deploy them to a team.  You can assign them to the Adventure Team (Dungeons) or to battle in the Arena.

Each team has three slots.  Choose a hero at rest and flip his card over (click it).  Choose the “MOVE HERO” button and pick which slot you want him to occupy.

Weapons, armor and other items stored here.
Base Camp

After you have visited a dungeon or two you should come back to the Supply Tent. Empty your bag into the chests or equip them on waiting heroes.  


Note: You cannot equip heroes that are in camp with items in your adventure bag while you are in a dungeon.  Why?  Because they are too far away.  You must bring them to the camp first.

Adventuring In The Dungeons

So you can’t wait to get into the nearest adventure?  Click the DUNGEON image on the Home Page to head out.  Some of the heroes around the camp were talking about how good the Frog Legs are here. Zur’s Swamp is the best place to start.

Note:  If you get the message “You have no worthy heroes in your adventure lineup” you need to head back to camp to assign them.

Dungeons Ahead
Equip your Heroes
Meet Thunk

Meeting Thunk is an honor.  He is usually out wandering around and if he has any extra loot he’s very generous.  Click “CONTINUE” to see what’s next. 

You can equip the items found on your heroes or choose to store them in your adventuring bag.  

Examine the items, (click to see the back).  Compare them to what you already have on your heroes.  Simply click “EQUIP” and choose which hero gets the gear.  Do this for each item you find.  

Since only your adventure teammates are with you only they can be equipped right now.  If you find an item that works well on a different hero “STORE” it in your bag.  When you return to camp you can place it into a storage chest or equip it on a hero at camp.

If you don’t want or need it leave it behind for someone else to find.

Now that you have a few items stashed away it’s time to go to the “NEXT ROOM“.  When you enter the room picture yourself peaking around the corner.  This is what you see and you can continue or run away.  

Each room will have a different encounter.  You may run into one monster or a swarm of them. You may even run into three different monsters. 

Click the card to flip it to the back side. The frog Theo has found is a level 3 and has 4 HP. 

Since Theo hits for ~5 he can probably kill it with one hit.  But what if the frog hits him first?  Theo’s speed is 12 and the frog has 11 so Theo should be pretty safe.  Besides, the frog’s damage is only ~3 and he will have to get through Theo’s armor before he can truly hurt him.

Continue through the dungeon one floor at a time.  You can choose to “RUN AWAY!” at any stage but if you do you won’t get credit for your efforts.  Completing a dungeon earns you a Relic.

Giant Frog Card
Giant Frog Card Back

As your heroes level up there will be more and more dungeon adventures available to you.  Every time you enter a dungeon it will be a new experience.  Some unique monsters only show up occasionally.  So return to that bug smashing dungeon that you were in.  It may have a Golden Dragonfly show up and drop a really nice piece of armor or a magical weapon for you. 

Forest ENT's
Forest Spiders
The Crypt

Armor Durability


When you are battling your armor will take hits to it’s durability.  Once the armor has been broken through you will take hits to your HP.  If you have a chest armor with durability of 6 and an opponent hits you in the chest for 2 your armor will absorb all of the damage.  If you are hit again in the chest for 10 points the armor will absorb 4 and the remaining 6 points will hit the hero’s HP.


In Season Zero your armor will be damaged until you complete the dungeon.  Once you have completed the dungeon your hero will repair all armor to 100% and be ready to take on the next dungeon.


  • Note:  Future season will change with development of Thunkgaria so don’t count on an automatic repair in future seasons.

How To Use Storage

Click "STORE"
Click "EQUIP"

Head back to camp if you are not already there.  Click on the Supply Tent.  You have the bag you were carrying in the dungeons as well as a chest. By default you are looking in your bag.  Click the chest and you will see that it is empty. Click back to the bag and let’s deal with these items.

Click the “STORE” button. You can now choose to put this item into Chest 1.  You are still looking in your bag.  Click on the chest to see the contents.

Let’s equip an item onto a hero.  You can only give items to heroes that are assigned to work.  The heroes resting at camp can gear up when they get assigned to a team. Click “EQUIP” and you will see a list of heroes that are eligible to receive an item. If that hero already has an item in that spot, (weapon, chest…), it will swap places.

You can change the names of your bag or chest.  Change your bag to Adventuring Bag.  Maybe loot bag?  Maybe a Sword Chest, or Fire Items or…??  If you need more storage room you can buy it.  Go ahead, have fun and play around a bit.


Arena PVP

The Arena
Analyze your opponent

Once you have a hero strong enough you can place him in the Arena to fight against other players.  Why?  For bragging rights, (AKA Fame) of course!!  

This player has Andikona, Andi for short, in the arena. On the left it shows the rank of 11th place with a win/loss record of 0-14.  This player hasn’t even been to this screen yet but since they placed poor Andi into the Arena Team is seems other players have been beating him up.  If the arena slot is left undefended it is an automatic loss.

You can also click other player names to see their lineup.  Go ahead and click around to see who you are up against. Before I choose to fight I can flip the hero cards to see their stats.  

Arena battles are very similar to dungeon battles.  Thunk designed it this way to train your heroes for true battles. It is important to note that your hero does not truly die.  If you lose the battle you simply shake it off and you are immediately ready to battle again.


When you hit an opponent, or monster in the dungeon, your damage is done to a specific area of the body.  The first line Ereprad hit his opponent on the head.  Gersendis was wearing head gear that absorbed 9 point but 300 points got through!  He must have one heck of a good weapon. Read on to see how a battle plays out.

The game will choose a player with a similar ELO and he has three heroes on his team. The Elo rating system uses the player’s stats and overall performance. Each player, based on their performance against opponents from different ranks, wins, and losses. This number isn’t visible to the players, but it determines how many Elo points they win or lose depending on the outcome.


Winning an arena battle will gain you fame.  Losing a battle at least gives you exposure and recognition.  This can also earn you fame but not nearly as fast as winning.

Note:  If you leave your place in the arena undefended and are challenged to a battle you will take an automatic loss.

Strategy possibilities:

  1. Recruit another full team
  2. Always have at least one defender in the arena
  3. Place your adventurer team into the arena when not dungeon questing
  4. I  don’t care about fame.  Let them have the free win and fame
Arena Fight

Achievement Tent

Let’s see how “Bad Ass” you are.  Inside the Achievment Tent is, you guessed it, a list of your achievements.  This tent will grow with the game.  Currently you are the only one that sees your status.  But soon your personal achievements will be available for ALL TO SEE.  

We will use this tent as a board to compare your progress against other players.  Bragging rights!!

The DUNGEON EXPLORER tracks completed dungeons.  In this example the player has completed only 2 dungeons.  Complete 10 dungeons to reach level 1.

The game keeps track of how often and hard you hit an opponent in the head, thus HEADSHOT.  This player has reached level 2.

FOOTSTOMPER keeps track of hits to the feet.  This player has reached level 1 and has 72 of the 100 points to reach the next level.

Keep an eye on this tent.  Thunk loves a good competition and he comes up with clever ways to train heroes to sharpen their combat skills. 

Achievement Tent

Relics & Fame

Relics are earned upon completion of a dungeon.  Use your RELICS to upgrade your SUPPLY TENT’S storage area.  

  • Add 6 slots to your bag.
  • Buy another chest.  
  • Add slots to your chests.
Fame & Relics on Menu Bar

Earn  Fame by fighting in the Arena.  When you want to recruit from the tavern you will need to have FAME to use to coax them into joining you.

  • First 3 héros are free
  • The 4th hero needs 10 fame
  • More heroes …?

Leveling- Applying Stats

When the level indicator has a blue glow around it you have reached a new level.  You can increase your stats at anytime.  Simply click your hero’s name (Oeneus) to open the detailed card image.  There will be (+) signs at each Stat.  Hover over the (+) to see how many points you have to apply


Click the plus signs to increase your stats. (double clicking will add 2 points)

Different Stats help different hero types.

  • Bard & Mage INT,
  • Barbarian & Warrior STR,
  • Archer DEX.
  • Everyone benefits from CON.