Turkey Hunt 2020

December 1 / 2020

Turkey Hunt 2020 has ended

These players hunted turkeys for the Holiday Feast of 2020 during Season Zero.  Those players defeating at least 100 turkeys were rewarded with a skin that they will be able to carry over to season One.  Player reward included the Bard Skin with or without the turkey familiar on the shoulder.

abclovesteemit 169
jacpl 157
Deceneus 107
fox 104
Tristenq 104
Vokus 102
mfblack 101
BraaiBoy 100
Wren 100

Quaid’s Forest will be off limits while we clear out those pesky dragons that were also hunting the turkeys.  

Next up is our Christmas event.  Visit us at Thunkgaria for event announcements and more!

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