Where is the Blockchain login?

Moving away from blockchain based games to to a group of blockchain enabled games was a big decision for us.

We see the future as being a place where blockchains work in the background to document and secure assets, allowing access to secondary markets so players can realize future value for the loot they’ve earned. Not upfront where they often only serve to hinder onboarding and UX.

The crypto world is small. Crypto gaming is even smaller. The first big change has been pushing for our community to be call Blockchain games.

This has helped but I feel needs to be more refined to blockchain-enabled gaming. We need to let game developers do what they do best, build amazing worlds and content and on-board players. By moving the blockchain towards the background we can slowly introduce players to the advantages of the blockchain.

Ever since I took over development of Holybread and removed breadcrumbs people have asked me, “where is the in-game token”, “How do I cash out bread?”
My stance on this is: There are enough tokens in the crypto world that every game does not need their own in-game crypto token. This is why we are supporting HIVE tokens on our marketplaces. No need to create something new. Hive works and has fast transaction times.

Thunkgaria is a new gaming world for us. It is still growing and our community of players is growing. I can’t thank the players enough for supporting us over the last 5 months.
What we have learned is we can’t code up content faster than you can consume it, but we are going to give it a try.

From all of us here.
Thank you!

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